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Publication Title : Assessment of Academic Stress and Academic Performance of Medical Students in a Tertiary Institution in Sokoto, Nigeria
Author(s) : Edzu U. Yunusa, Muhammed M. Bello, Makun Babazhitsu, Abdullahi I. Rini, Bashir S. Sidi, Muhammed H. Taqiyya,
Abstract : Background: Stress is a complex phenomenon, whose underlying causes, manifestations and response strategies vary from person to person. Stress is as much as a psychological issue as it is a physical health problem. Stress manifest itself in various ways including poor cognitive development, poor academic performance and sometimes mental health problems. This study aimed to assess the academic stress and academic performance of medical students in a tertiary institution, Sokoto, Nigeria. Materials/Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted between August and September, 2021, among 149 medical students. Students' Academic Stress Scale (SASS) and a semi-structured self-administered questionnaire were used to elicit information from respondents using a web form. Data were analyzed using IBM SPSS version 25. Level of significance was set at p = 0.05. Results: Majority (92%), of undergraduate medical trainee perceived the training as stressful. The major stressors identified were examination syllabus (89.2%), difficulty in remembering all that was studied (85.2%) and worrying about examinations (77.1%). The academic performance was pass grade for more than half of respondents 89(59.7%) and credit/distinction for 60(40.3%). Students with no academic stress had a better academic performance (75.5%) as compared to those with academic stress (37.2%), and the difference was statistically 2 significant (χ =13.401, p = 0.034). Conclusion: Majority of the students interviewed perceived their training as stressful. Therefore, there is an urgent need for medical educator to introduce stress management courses or programs into curriculum. Keywords: Stress, Academic performance, Medical students
DOI : 10.51658/ABMS.202231.17
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