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Publication Title : Cellular Fibronectin: A Predictive Biomarker for Chronic Diabetic Complications
Author(s) : Saidu Kasimu
Abstract : Background: Vascular disease is a common chronic complication of diabetes mellitus affecting the retinal (retinopathy), the kidney (nephropathy), and even the nerve (neuropathy). The prevalence of chronic diabetic complications in developed and developing countries, including Nigeria, is disturbing. Unless measures are taken urgently in identifying and arresting the mechanism of progression of the disease at its early stages, the associated morbidity and mortality rate cannot be overemphasized. Methods:Online searches were done in recognized databases of PUBMED, Google Scholar, and AJOL. Results: Screening diabetic patients using cellular Fibronectin can give an idea of vascular injury at the early stage, which is the hallmark of chronic diabetic complications, particularly if plasma cellular fibronectin levels are elevated. Elevated amounts of cellular Fibronectin in plasma are associated with an increased risk of developing renal and eye diseases, which may sometimes be prevented by more stringent plasma glucose and blood pressure control. An increased level of plasma cellular fibronectin could be used as a predictive biomarker for chronic diabetic complications, as it is a protein derived from the blood vessel's endothelium and plays a role in the subendothelial matrix assembly. Keywords:Diabetic patients, cellular Fibronectin, retinopathy, nephropathy.
DOI : 10.51658/ABMS.202122.8
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