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Publication Title : Autopsy: An Under-Used Clinical Audit Tool
Author(s) : Mohammed Umar
Abstract : Background: Post-mortem (Autopsy) examination is a highly trained procedure that involves the opening of the dead body with thorough examination to establish the cause and manner of death, and evaluate injury or disease process that might have leads to the death. Method: Databases which includes; Google scholar, AJOL, and PubMed were searched using keywords of Autopsy, Audit, Clinical, and Quality assurance for the materials. Available literature was downloaded and used as reference materials. Results: Quality assurance is a systematic and planned approach to continuously monitoring, assessing and improving the quality of health services. Based on the existing resources, and the aim of clinical audit is to improve patient care and clinical outcomes systematically by implementing changes using explicit criteria. Conclusion: Autopsy should be regarded as critical services for the purpose of quality assurance and integrated into hospital-based quality assurance programs. Keywords:Autopsy, Audit, Clinical, Quality assurance
DOI : 10.51658/ABMS.202122.9
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