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Publication Title : Serum Ferritin - A Marker for Iron Store: A Review
Author(s) : Saidu Kasimu, Abdullahi S. Mainasara, Muhammad B. Abdulrahman, Aminu Bello, Abdullahi A. Fakku, Aminu U. Abdullahi
Abstract : Parameters assessing iron stores have been established for years and have helped manage iron-deficiency states. Though, bone marrow examination remained the gold standard for diagnosing iron deficiency. However, several studies have been able to identify the critical role of serum ferritin in the storage of iron. This review explores the physical properties of serum ferritin and its importance as a marker for iron storage. The literature on the subject was searched using manual library search, journal articles, internet search, and conference abstracts in recognized databases of PUBMED, Google Scholar, and AJOL. Serum ferritin was a good marker for iron storage in identifying iron deficiency anaemia in early and late pregnancy and other medical conditions not associated with febrile illness. Several parameters like Hemoglobin (Hb), Mean Cell Volume (MCV), and Transferrin Saturation currently being used as a marker for assessing iron stores have their setback. The serum ferritin concentration correlates well with iron store and red cell indices. However, despite its easy and affordable procedure, serum ferritin concentration is not a routinely requested investigation in the clinic for assessing iron stores in patients, particularly pregnant women in Nigeria. Introducing estimation of serum ferritin into clinical practice will enhance early detection and management of iron deficiency anaemia. Keywords: Iron store, serum ferritin, Haemoglobin.
DOI : 10.51658/ABMS.202231.15
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