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Publication Title : A Rare Case of Generalized Tetanus Complicating Breast Cancer: A Consequence of Harmful Cultural Practices.
Author(s) : Garba D. Waziri, Mukhtar A. Adeiza, Ibrahim U. Toli, Emmanuel Iwuozo
Abstract : Tetanus infection is a public health disease and is still a cause of high morbidity and mortality in developing countries compared to the developed countries of the world. Apart from the traditional risk factors for tetanus, ignorance and harmful cultural practices greatly increase the risk and poor outcomes of tetanus in our country. We report this case of fatal generalized tetanus infection from necrotic fungating tumour following application of traditional herbal medication to highlight the link between a non-communicable disease, an infectious disease and poor health seeking behaviour in a global health context. We also reviewed similar cases reported in the literature. Patient consent was sought for before her death and patient confidentiality was assured.
DOI : 10.51658/ABMS.202121.1
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